Other Surveys

Both magnetometer and VLF-EM are offered either as stand-alone surveys or in conjunction with other methods.

Magnetometer Surveys

  • Total Field and Gradiometer ground magnetics surveys are offered using the Scintrex ENVI Mag proton precession magnetometer or GEM Systems GSM-19 Overhauser magnetometer
  • For Total Field surveys, diurnal corrections are routinely performed by using a second unit as a stationary base station
  • Can be run in conjunction with either IP or VLF-EM

VLF-EM Surveys

  • VLF-EM surveys are a rapid, cost effective method of detecting linear, near-surface conductors and structures
  • Readings are taken with the Scintrex ENVI VLF receiver
  • Multiple frequencies may be read simultaneously, allowing the detection of differently oriented conductors
  • Typically run in conjunction with a magnetometer survey